Recording Studio

 We have our Phoenix Recording Studio at your service.

The Phoenix is located close to our retail outlet and specialises in solo tracking, editing, mix downs and mastering.

With its specialised environment, monitoring and virtual instruments ensures that your artistic, mixing and mastering needs are fully achieved.

Russell Collins, with more than 35 years of sound engineering, music production, mixing and mastering experience can help you to achieve the most sophisticated of music productions.

Brad Wallbank, Singer Songwriter.

"It's out of this world. Production as good as anything I've ever heard"

A little about the recording process...

The process of creating a polished recording can be broken down into 3 basic steps.

  1. Tracking, this is the initial recording and then overdubbing (of additional tracks). The objective is to get a great musical performance captured accurately.
  2. Mix down, This is the balancing of multiple tracks and applying effects, then bounced to a stereo file. The creative process occurs here to suit the producer and/or artists vision.
  3. Mastering, This is where the stereo mix down is carefully equalized, levelled, stereo image balanced and maximized to achieve a  “commercial sound” suited to the musical style. 
Studio rates start at $220/hour