Kemper: The Last Word in Amps

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Be done with it and buy a Kemper Profiler today.  We have the Kemper Profiler Powerhead in stock now.  This might sound odd, but the Kemper Profiler is better than all the best amps in the world.  Not only does the Kemper model many boutique amps, it is compatible with the latest technology.  The capabilities of this marvel of German engineering and manufacturing genius are extraordinary.

Check out our VHT amps too.  While not as advanced as the Kemper, the VHT i-16 Combo is compatible with downloadable amp simulating apps.  It's valve preamp gives you true valve tone; the ideal foundation for your digital processor.  We also have the VHT Special 6 Combo in stock.  This handwired 6 Watt valve amp gets its boutique tone from the 12AX7 pre and 6V6 power.  This tiny 6 Watt amp is loud enough to keep any drummer fit.

While you're at it, order your handcrafted Collins guitar.  For only $2200, you can have a Collins acoustic guitar fitted with a B-Band pickup made here especially for you.  Collins guitar necks are works of art.  Not only are they made with a compound radius, they are also sculpted to suit the ergonomics of your hand.  Collins guitars are made from torrefied AAA grade solid timbers.  The tone of solid timber guitars improves the more they are played.  The torrefaction process gives Collins guitars the tone of an instrument that has been played for many years.  They are French polished.  Not only does this organic finish look beautiful, it also smells and feels beautiful and enhances the tone.

Come in and see for yourself!

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