The importance of music education

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The importance of music in childrens education should never be underestimated.

While many parents may consider for their children learning a musical instrument as something as an optional luxury, those parents who really care for the next generation of minds should factually consider the larger picture.

Music incorporates all the skills of living in a dynamic envirnoment, and while clinical studies have proven that people who study music have a higher IQ, music enhances all other studies.

Music is one of the greatest forms of activities a person could be involved with.
Learning and playing a musical instrument involves just some of the following elements
• Self expression
• Hand eye coordination
• Exercise
• Entertainment
• Group participation
• Income
• Affordable

Within the study of music are so many dimensions embedded-Mathematics, Architecture, Philosophy, Drama and Literature.

In 385BC Plato observed that "the highest form of mathematics is music and that while music is mathematical, music is also deeply spiritual, and thus embodies the soul."

Young people need the mental development that comes from musical stimulation and I see it as a real shame that children are given video games, to sit in front of an idiot box for hours to the exclusion of musical instruments, as music has the capability of helping and developing young minds in a far greater way and a much bigger "game' they could ever be involved in with a video game.

A child is never to young to begin to learn the components of music that being -
Melody - Harmony and Rhythm.

Russell Collins

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